Experts in teeth whitening

YOTUEL Whitening, with unique patented formulas in the market.

The whitening toothpastes with the minimum abrasivity in the market. 100% cleaning efficiency. Non foaming.

For daily oral hygiene. Products that remove stains from tooth enamel while protecting it.

Designed by dentists, with ingredients of the highest quality, YOTUEL Whitening cares for your oral health with maximum cleaning efficiency and respecting the neutral pH of the mouth so that you can show off a healthy and beautiful smile.

We present to you the entire YOTUEL Whitening family. A whitening product for each person and each need.


YOTUEL toothpastes do not foam, is this normal?

Indeed, they do not foam because they are formulated without foaming agents or detergents, therefore, the product is in good condition. In addition, there is a false belief that the foam is responsible for cleaning and this is not the case at all. For this reason, we indicate that our toothpastes do not include SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), which is, on the other hand, a detergent agent widely used in toothpastes.

If I have gum problems, can I use YOTUEL toothpastes?

None of our YOTUEL toothpastes are harmful to your gums. If you have gum problems, such as gingivitis, bleeding gums, receding gums, among others, we recommend that you brush your teeth with a soft bristle brush and our YOTUEL Pharma toothpaste, as it contains Vitamin B5 that helps heal sores. or mouth sores

I have a lot of tooth sensitivity, can I use YOTUEL?

Yes, you can use YOTUEL all in one, in fact, you will see how such dental sensitivity will tend to disappear over time because YOTUEL all in one will help you remineralise and compact your enamel

I have tetracyclines. What is the most recommended YOTUEL toothpaste for me?

People with tetracyclines have a very altered structure of their teeth, so access to the interior is difficult and to whiten them they need a lot of perseverance and time. As a daily toothpaste, without a doubt, the best option would be YOTUEL all in one, however, we recommend that you ask your trusted dental clinic about our YOTUEL professional whitening since, in order to solve your problem, you will also need several sessions. in the clinic.

What is the difference between YOTUEL Pharma and YOTUEL all in one?

All our whitening toothpastes are for daily use and remineralize the teeth while protecting the gums, healing sores if they exist, with a very powerful anti-tartar and anticaries action. The main differences are:

YOTUEL Pharma acts at the enamel level, that is, it removes external tooth stains. It is ideal as a daily use toothpaste to maintain white and compact teeth and thanks to the fact that YOTUEL Pharma B5 is formulated with Vitamin B5, it is especially indicated for sensitive gums.

YOTUEL all in one is formulated with Carbamide Peroxide, the same whitening molecule used professionally, which acts on both dentin and enamel without causing sensitivity, that is, it removes internal and external tooth stains. Thanks to its high concentration of xylitol, it prevents dental caries and, in addition, remineralises and repairs fissures and/or daily tooth erosion.

Of all the toothpastes on the market, YOTUEL all in one is the one that contains the greatest number of beneficial active ingredients and, moreover, in the greatest proportion.

Which toothpaste is the strongest?

None of our toothpastes are strong because they are all 100% safe and respectful of your mouth. They are toothpastes with a whitening effect from the first brushing and have an abrasiveness lower than that of any children’s toothpaste.

YOTUEL all in one has been awarded the Pure Beauty 2010 award in the UK.

Which toothpaste is more effective?

All the products that we make available to our consumers are effective, the difference is that they have different indications.

Choosing between one or the other will depend on whether the whitening you want should be more external or more internal, any of the three options is equally good.

I had a professional whitening done in my dental clinic a long time ago and I want to reinforce it. Can I get it with YOTUEL products?

Biocosmetics laboratories only distributes YOTUEL Professional to Dental Clinics and cannot under any circumstances distribute it directly to final consumers in compliance with the provisions of the law, so we ask you once again to obtain it through your trusted dental clinic as you did in last

YOTUEL all in one toothpaste: How many times can it be used per day? During how much time?

YOTUEL all in one is a daily use toothpaste that should be used at least 3 times a day, that is, after the main meals.

The ideal is to brush for 3 minutes.

We recommend using YOTUEL Mouthwash, our alcohol-free whitening elixir, after brushing to ensure perfect oral hygiene.

It is up to you to decide how long to use it and whether or not you want it to be your regular toothpaste. If you want to know if there is any restriction of use over time, the answer is negative

YOTUEL all in one toothpaste When do I start to notice the results?

The results are visible from the first brushing because the teeth have an unusual smoothness and shine and the speed in achieving the desired result will depend on each person, because the concept of white is not the same in each person, it will depend on the porosity and state of the enamel. of each person, type of stain, location of the same. Yotuel only whitens living teeth, that is, it is not used to whiten devitalized teeth, caps, crowns, prostheses, implants, composites…

Where can I find YOTUEL products?

All our products from the YOTUEL line are recommended by renowned specialists and their efficacy and safety are scientifically endorsed worldwide.

And for sale in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

My pharmacist does not have or does not know YOTUEL. What can I do?

We encourage you to provide the National Codes (CN) of our products to your trusted pharmacist, because as they are very new products, they may not yet be in your usual pharmacy, but with said code you would have it throughout that day or at the latest. the next day. Do not allow them to give you another product instead because, although all products seem the same, from the point of view of an expert we assure you that some products have nothing to do with others. All our products are always the most innovative, novel and effective, endorsed by the dental community and registered under patented formulas.